Jenny Entwisle - Approved Flight Testing Officer

CASA Delegate


Jenny has been involved in flying training for the majority of her career.

She has a wealth of experience in a variety of training environments and an in depth understanding of the benefits of quality instructing.

With many years of experience in instructor training, she brings a practical approach to all areas of licence and rating testing.


Welcome to jennyentwisle.com


Over 5000 hours, predominantly in
the General Aviation training field.

Currently involved in:

Flying Training

Flight Instructor Training

Licence & Rating Testing

Why Choose Me?


Whatever your level, no-one likes

being tested!

Which is why you should be well-prepared for your flight test.

On the day, I’ll do my best to put you at ease and conduct your test in a balanced and fair way.

Of course, it’s up to you to reach the required standard, but as an independent testing officer, you can rely on me to be impartial and give you the encouragement you need to be on top of your game.


Jenny is an Independent ATO for

  1.     RPL

  2.     PPL

  3.     Instructor Ratings

CASA Delegate

CFI Instructor School

Grade 1 Instructor Rating

Language Proficiency Assessor -

                                Expert Level